Japanese metal craft of the present day employs techniques steeped in tradition and cultivated over centuries of history. The art of swordmaking is of great importance as a traditional Japanese craft both historically and in a metallurgical sense.
 As such, Japanese swordcraft is revered around the world for its superior artistic grace and workmanship.

 Swordsmith Masahira Fujiyasu, a leading disciple of the late swordsmith Yukihira Miyairi, who was during his life designated a national living treasure, received the Award of Merit at the The Sword Forging Competition of the NBTHK (Association for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords) in 1972, and as a promising swordsmith has gone on to receive other awards, among them the NBTHK Chairman's Award and Award of Excellence.
 While continuing to create swords of superlative craftsmanship, swordsmith Fujiyasu is the first modern-day swordsmith in Japan to have uncovered clues in the quest to rediscover the lost art of swordmaking from the pre-Muromachi Period.
 Swordsmith Fujiyasu received the highest honor for a Japanese swordsmith in1984 when he was selected to create the sacred sword for the 61st dedication of the Grand Shrine of Ise (A ceremony that takes place once every 20 years), and since has held numerous private exhibitions of his work while continuing to strive for excellence and enlightenment as a modern-day swordsmith.

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